It all started with vivid dreams..

Since a very young age, I felt pulled to the concept of divinity, soul purpose and inner peace and also everything related to astrology and the Zodiac. I also knew that I had an intuitive gift as I had vivid dreams about things before they wound occur in my reality. These things used to scare me a lot at the time as I did not know how to control them neither where they came from, and I tended to shy away from my latent abilities until later age. This is when I was introduced to the healing power of crystals. My mother used to buy me crystals, crystal necklaces and crystal trees made from Tiger's eye with the intention to send away my fears and put me at ease. While every other kid around me was surrounded by the latest toys, I was curious and excited about horoscopes, mystical sensations and things you cannot explain with your reasoning mind. My second biggest introduction to the world of spirituality and divination was my nanny. I vividly remember being 5 years old and her teaching me Cartomancy in the midst of summer sitting cross-legged on the floor of my messy bedroom. Strangely enough, I felt like this is not new to me, I felt like I was drawn to some of the cards, it was like they were trying to convey a message to me - message I could not decipher at the time. 

Fast forward 10 years from then and I was still feeling lost. No matter what I was doing and which way, community or field of interest in life I was choosing to pursue, I remained fascinated by and in search of mysterious and magical things, and I always used to cross paths with people who enriched me with knowledge around that topic and guided me on my path. Not long after the age of 16, when I faced my first knock-back of not being able to pursue my dreams in the field of fashion design, I realized that rejection is not a bad thing, but rather is a redirection, redirection to something better, something I was meant for in this lifetime, something divine. Actually, many of my greatest blessings have come out of what I perceived as rejection at first. My spiritual journey begun - subconscious realizations followed by hope and optimism, followed by periods of intense emotions and feeling of not belonging to your people and your surroundings, breaking down mental paradigms, seeing signs and synchronicities, being introduced to my twin flame (I will never forget this dream by the way), I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I knew there was something more on the other side, I knew we all have a higher mission, a soul purpose, a life purpose - bigger than what our eyes and ears can perceive, bigger than yourselves, bigger than our ego. Not only this, but I believed it, I embraced it, and I started sharing it with others, and helping others to receive more clarity and guidance on their own journeys towards self-discovery.

Finally, it was like a light bulb went on. These ups and downs were all happening for a reason, and they were all perfectly timed. From that point onwards, trusting in my intuitive guidance has turned into a lifestyle and an integral part of myself - part I cannot imagine living without.

To me, reading Tarot cards it's a way of divining a person's situation - it' s a way of bringing clarity and harmony to one's inner and outer world, it's a way of helping you to become more in tune with your higher self while still having a happy and satisfying day-to-day life. My mission is to channel the divine support available to all of us at times when you truly need it. I use Tarot Cards to read your personal energy and provide you with the most truthful answer. Regardless of the situation, I would keep it real - I will not over exaggerate your reading, and I will honestly share what has been given to me in terms of information and knowledge from the Universe and Spirit Guides. My personal philosophy has never failed me and it is based around the understanding that life is a blend of inner guidance, mindset and lots of action. In that sense, please do not let Tarot readings alone influence entirely any decisions you make for yourself and others. Take whatever resonates with you and leave the rest.

Love & light,

Mila 🦋