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30 Channeled Personal Affirmations & Statements

30 Channeled Personal Affirmations & Statements

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This is a ritual rather than a bland list of 'I am' words!

These 30 personal affirmations & statements are handmade meaning that they are intentionally created *BY ME FOR YOU with the desire and mission to allow you to shift your current emotional point of attraction and reclaim power and control over your situation and life.

*How does it work?

I would do a 1 card Tarot pull for you and use only Major Arcanas (major events in your life) to communicate with Spirit and channel the most accurate guidance at this moment. I would then meditate on your tarot card and set an intention for love & light to enter your life. These channeled affirmations are coming from your Higher Self to guide you and help you to get closer to the truth.

When to order?

- Twin Flame connection empowerment

- Current/potential relationship

- Career situation

- Abundance manifestations

- Personal situation (fear, healing, day-to-day struggles, confidence, etc.)

- Any topic not listed above is welcome!

How to use them?

Everyday for 30 days right after you wake up or right before you drift off to sleep, affirm or read the affirmations & statements incorporating all of your senses - smell, touch, sense, hear, see. The reason for these specific times of using them is because your subconscious mind is most open, relaxed and prompt to receive from your conscious mind your desires, ideas and statements and accept them as part of your identity. These affirmations can also be used in meditation, candle burning, cleansing rituals and many more.

*Tarot reading aftercare is essential. Whether your reading with me triggered pleasant or unpleasant emotions and feelings in you, your state of attraction is be maintained and looked after - you deserve to have access to the best feeling you could possibly get to.

In order for me to create these empowering and emotionally shifting affirmations & statements for you, you have to choice a topic of your life (love, career, spiritual journey, etc.). Any topic is welcome.

Affirmations (text) are delivered in English and will be emailed to you in PDF within 12 to 24 hours from purchase.

Once booked I do not need any additional information other than information of your topic/situation, DOB and your email. Please contact me with your information via email at or via Instagram. 

Please be very specific with your situation. The more specific you are, the clearer the message and information I can receive. Please tell me everything you think I should know about your situation.

You do not need to have had a reading with me to purchase this product. It is a standalone product and a tarot reading aftercare additional.

 Love & light!


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